JT’s CAUSE – CANCER SURVIVOR & High School Student – SUSPENDED for Growing his hair to long to Donate to “Locks of Love”

The picture above is a link to a site holding a Petition against Madison Academy of Flint and School Board (Michigan), but this should be seen by more than just the people in my state! I personally believe it is wrong to punish ANYONE for “growing their hair too long”! And this guy is a cancer survivor himself, so he was growing it out to donate to “LOCKS OF LOVE” WHEN HE WAS SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR HAVING HIS HAIR TOO LONG.!!! So if you have taken the time to read this please click the image link above to go to the petition site and sign the petition if you believe it was wrong for the school to suspend someone over such a small thing! Sorry if this is way off topic to my normal Blogs, but I have a high cancer rate in my own family and I fully support this guys decision to grow his hair as long as he wants to, especially for such a good cause!
More information on the petition site (picture link above)…. Please check it out!
Thanks everyone! 🙂


ALW Custom Design is always looking to do MORE Commissioned works of Art

Above: Mural without me standing next to it..
Below: Mural with me standing next to it..

The reason for the 2 different pictures is to give you, the viewer an Idea of it’s size.. I am approximately 6′ 2″ tall! 🙂 The mural itself without the M.M. Logo above it is 80 square feet or 8 feet tall x 10 feet wide! The M.M. Logo above was painted and sealed on a 10 foot long 2 x 12 board and lag-bolted to the Garage itself!

~~~These two pictures are from a series or pictures I took of a Commissioned work completed by Andrew (Owner @ ALW Custom Design) in 2008 for a local company located in Michigan. Click HERE to visit the ALW Custom Design Facebook Page and view even more photos (close-up photos) of some of the detail work on this particular mural. The previous link should take you directly to the album unless you are a first time visitor, in which case you may be directed to my Welcome Gallery Page album. If that is the case all you have to do is click the “LIKE” button, and then either click the “photos” tab on the left side of the page or return to the blog here and click the link here again, …whichever seems easier to you! I guess it all depends on how familiar you are with Facebook. Either way you choose I am grateful that you have taken the time to look at my work and I appreciate any feedback that is given.
~~~I am always looking to do more Commissioned works if you may be interested, or if you know anyone who would possibly be interested, feel free to contact me either here or on Facebook, where we can set up a more intimate contact, via e-mail or phone! I am willing to travel to do Commissions, presuming, whoever is wanting the Commissioned Work done and I have agreed on the size, time-frame (weather permitting if outdoors like this piece was), price, accommodations and essential living expenses (such as room and board, food, travel-fare, etc…) and above and beyond that a price for the piece wanted to be done. I will calculate materials into the final price of the Commission, based on size of piece, material type used, surface area to be painted on, and a few other variables. I try very hard to be fair with my pricing, and give you a great quality piece at a fair price, but I am very detail oriented as you may notice in the pictures, and I put A LOT of effort and passion into making the work look as good as it can. I will be posting more of my commissioned pieces in the near future, to give you a more detailed idea of what I am capable of doing, so I hope you come back soon and often or even subscribe to be notified of any new posts.
~~~Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you enjoy and come back often to see more original ALW Custom Designs!

New Products in the Store!

Well since I opened my new Zazzle store, I haven’t received much feedback… possibly because I don’t have many designs or items, but I’m working on more all the time, but any feedback would be appreciated! So here is a small sample of some of my products. Thanks for taking the time to look!
ALW Custom Design Tribal Phone cover speckcase

Attn: MMORP Gamers

Check this game out and if you are interested, please click on the image link below to become my Friend/Ally and keep our Alliance and all those in it safe!

Free-To-Play Web-Based Game Transports Players to Legendary Ultima Universe

Anyone over the age of 35 should read this!

…The difference between older generations and newer generations views on what it means to be “Going Green”! Just click the link below to read the whole thing! It is explained exquisitely in my opinion and I’m only 32! LOL… Great read!

Anyone over the age of 35 should read this, as I copied this from a friends status ...