Welcome, to all, from ALW Custom Design!

O.K. So this is my first post here and I just want to say ‘Welcome, to all’! My name Is Andrew Wood, Owner of ALW Custom Design(Formerly known as DaRkEnDsKyZ)

Eye of the storm
Title: Eye of the Storm
Oil on canvas
Approx. Size: 24″ x 36″
Artist: Andrew Wood
Year: 2005
Here is the link to my website. I use the best materials (Link below) to create my paintings and other works of art I make and I hope you find this Inspirational at least if not just downright cool! Here are a couple more links to check out below!

  1. You can also find more of my work at my Facebook Page.
  2. Also available in my Online store ALW Custom Design Dream Catchers You can find “Unique’ …one-of-a-kind….Handmade Dream Catchers, by yours truly! As well as other handmade items!
  3. One more page here at ALWCustomDesign.Deviantart.com! Feel free to leave some messages and follow my progress at any of these few sites… new content Coming Soon!

Please feel free to leave me a Reply, feedback is always appreciated, or check out some of the affiliated links below for the best selection of the best products around!!
ALWCustomDesign is proudly Affiliated with
www.DickBlick.com - Online Art Supplies

Here is a short Youtube video of a fraction of my older work, that I made for your enjoyment… I hope you approve!

11 thoughts on “Welcome, to all, from ALW Custom Design!

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