More video from ALW Custom Design (formerly DaRkEnDsKyZ)

Hi there! Here is another post 🙂 It doesn’t have anything to do with my paintings, but it is a different kind of art form. Video editing/photography…
This was the first video I made when I started using Youtube, (as DaRkEnDsKyZ)before I started ALW Custom Design… This video is basically just a collection of still photographs and a couple videos I had of my cat, just trying out some basic video editing. I hope all you cat lovers out there enjoy! 🙂

Click Here To view the Full ALW Custom Design’s Blog Home
Click here To check out my Very First post, “Welcome, to all, from ALW Custom Design!” which includes a Surreal Oil Painting I did Titled “The Eye of the Storm” as well as a short video compilation of some of my other older Artwork, also various links to other sites I run!
Click Here To view my Second Post which contains a Photo of my “Surreal Landscape Oil Painting #1”

8 thoughts on “More video from ALW Custom Design (formerly DaRkEnDsKyZ)

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