About me

Hi there!  My name is Andrew, Owner of ALW Custom Design.  I am new to this blogging site, so I hope you forgive the messiness of my it (I am still learning this site).

Things I am interested in you ask?  Well since you are here, I guess I am sorta obligated to tell you, since I did start this blog to promote myself as well as all the different forms of art I partake in.

Well… I like writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, making and creating jewelry, chainmail (chainmaille) …. whichever you prefer, and some other stuff that I can’t think of right now. Insomnia!  It plays hell on the brain sometimes.  Anyways, I live in Michigan, born here in 1980, lived here most of my life, with the exception of a couple moves out of state that were ….less than successful!? … yeah! That’s sounds right…  So anyways, I was born in Pontiac, have 3 brothers, no sisters, a great many cousins, and a passion for anything creative!  I just thought of another thing I love doing … working with wood (which happens to be my last name as well) and my grandfather was a craftsman, who made furniture and had 10 children, and I have many others in my family who work with wood… I guess you can say it runs in the family!

Hmmm?  What else?  Oh yeah…. Photography and video editing!  I have so many ideas and things I enjoy doing, I have trouble finishing stuff… another idea always pops up first!  I think I might have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D or something and just don’t know it!  You may have realized my stream of thought kind of just wanders, since I am just writing this without any edits, because I am trying to let you all know who I am an how my brain works.  Some people think it is a scary place inside my head, and wouldn’t like to visit it if it was possible for one to step into another’s head and take a look around.  I guess it may be!  Sometimes when I look at my paintings or flip through my sketchbook, I wonder myself what was going on inside there.  But then I tell myself… I say “Self!  That is what they made this tablet for … to capture a moment, without edit… a raw experience captured on paper, chiseled in graphite or ink!”.  So that is why some if not all my work seems like a dreamscape or a nightmare.

Well, my mind has begun to wander so I am going to go for now… “The Fresh Prince” is on and I keep wandering to it…. funny stuff!.. well I will be back later on to tell you more about whats going on and add more of my work and my posts and links and what-not!  So until next time Ciao everyone!

Peace out!

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