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Free-To-Play Web-Based Game Transports Players to Legendary Ultima Universe

Anyone over the age of 35 should read this!

…The difference between older generations and newer generations views on what it means to be “Going Green”! Just click the link below to read the whole thing! It is explained exquisitely in my opinion and I’m only 32! LOL… Great read!

Anyone over the age of 35 should read this, as I copied this from a friends status ...

ALW Custom Design B/W/G Tribal Key chain Design

Another New Item (ALW Custom Design B/W/G Tribal Key chain Design) has been added to my store! Please check it out! This is one of my older Designs I have been working with as a test in my new online store @ Feel free to leave me some feedback, and as always check back often for new designs and products! I Appreciate the support and any thoughts on different designs. Thank you everyone! ALW Custom Design! Feel free to use the buttons below to share this with your friends and family! 🙂

Fan of Futurama?

If you are a fan you might get a kick out of this! I was searching for a picture of Fry eating the sandwich from the truckstop, if you are a fan, then you know what I mean “Ugh, It’s like there’s a party in my mouth, and everyone’s throwing up”… LMAO .. anyways that’s how I came across this picture of the professor and when I read what was written on the chalkboard, I totally busted out laughing! It definitely worked… the power of the human mind is amazing when you think about it, even when it comes to something as simple as this! lol… Here it is… Tell me if it worked for you too! Please.. I really want to know! ..I’m still laughing about it

I just figured some of you out there might find this as amusing as I did! I hope you enjoy

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New Store JUST opened on!

Here is a rough preview of what the design on my first shirt will look like, to see the design on a shirt either click on the picture to go to my store or the link at the bottom of this post!

Please feel free to go take a look at my new store, … there are not many products right now since I just started it tonight, but I will be adding to it as much and as soon as possible!! So PLEASE follow and check back periodically or subscribe for new posts of new Original ALW Custom Design products via e-mail as they are added to the store!

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Random Youtube video from Maxmoefoe! Funny

O.K. …. So I’m having another one of my “not being able to sleep days” or nights… who knows anymore! So I was checking my messages on Deviantart and notice someone had sent me a link to a friends youtube page asking if I could help… your normal spam type thing(turns out they have been deleted by Deviantart since they sent me the message 2 days ago), but the link was still there none the less. So being curious, like I am, being an artist and all I figured …”EH!… Why not?… Lets go have a look! … Turns out this is some dude from Australia (I believe) who’s youtube name is Maxmoefoe, and this video just struck me as hilarious so I felt like sharing it with a few people, I don’t know if it is just sleep deprivation or what but I laughed pretty much through the whole thing! .. Well with that said .. to make a long story short I present to you “Maxmoefoe”

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here!!! I just wanted to swing in here and give a quick thank you to all who have taken interest in this blog! From those of you who have looked at it, read it, liked certain posts and even followed me!! I have enjoyed sharing the very little bit of my artwork with you I have so far in the short time I have been posting here! I also run another blog, so you may see some stuff there that you won’t here …It still has to do with my art and crafts mostly, but I also have a few online stores! One example…, where you can buy many different types of clothing (this store is still in it’s infancy… :-), so please bear with me and come back often or follow my blogs via e-mail!) Other sites contain items from clothing to customized coffee mugs with my work printed on them and much, much more.

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