A quick Thank You! …

here!!! I just wanted to swing in here and give a quick thank you to all who have taken interest in this blog! From those of you who have looked at it, read it, liked certain posts and even followed me!! I have enjoyed sharing the very little bit of my artwork with you I have so far in the short time I have been posting here! I also run another blog, so you may see some stuff there that you won’t here …It still has to do with my art and crafts mostly, but I also have a few online stores! One example… Spreadshirt.com, where you can buy many different types of clothing (this store is still in it’s infancy… :-), so please bear with me and come back often or follow my blogs via e-mail!) Other sites contain items from clothing to customized coffee mugs with my work printed on them and much, much more.

Click Here to check out my other blog at blogger / blogsite.com… hosted by google and run by ‘yours truly’… I don’t have much time today to sit and blog and talk a lot, as I have been busy working on some other work, but I will be back soon to share more of myself with you!
So in the meantime,… while I am busy with other ventures… please feel free to go check out, and “LIKE”
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Thanks again everyone, I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it and sharing it… More coming soon!!!