JT’s CAUSE – CANCER SURVIVOR & High School Student – SUSPENDED for Growing his hair to long to Donate to “Locks of Love”

The picture above is a link to a site holding a Petition against Madison Academy of Flint and School Board (Michigan), but this should be seen by more than just the people in my state! I personally believe it is wrong to punish ANYONE for “growing their hair too long”! And this guy is a cancer survivor himself, so he was growing it out to donate to “LOCKS OF LOVE” WHEN HE WAS SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR HAVING HIS HAIR TOO LONG.!!! So if you have taken the time to read this please click the image link above to go to the petition site and sign the petition if you believe it was wrong for the school to suspend someone over such a small thing! Sorry if this is way off topic to my normal Blogs, but I have a high cancer rate in my own family and I fully support this guys decision to grow his hair as long as he wants to, especially for such a good cause!
More information on the petition site (picture link above)…. Please check it out!
Thanks everyone! 🙂